I take the viewer on a journey away from the mundane reality of everyday life and show the beauty in nature’s stillness. Identity, memories, and place are some of the themes I work with in my projects, while finding inspiration in nature and using it as symbolism. Using the digital approach of photography gives me the freedom to work and to manipulate images.

I am drawn to the power of photography and text as mediums to express ideas and emotions. For me, photography and text work in tandem to create a multi-layered experience for the viewer. Photography allows me to freeze a fleeting moment in time. Text, on the other hand, allows me to add a layer of meaning to that visual experience. For example, with “Daydreams” I use images to take you to a ‘perfect’ place of calmness and I use the text to describe the feeling of departing reality to go into a state of daydreaming. I wrote poems for “Achtergelaten” to indicate the different stages I went through leaving a hard situation while using parts of nature as symbols of my emotions throughout the stages.

By exploring the themes of identity, memory, place and natures symbolism I hope to encourage others to reflect on their own experiences, and to find beauty and meaning in the unexpected.

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2024 - Collective Exhibtion Moments unfolded at Rotterdam photo, Rotterdam

2022 - Duo exhibition Daydreams at Cult Crêche in Rotterdam

2021 - Group exhibitoon Achtergelaten at Pennings Foundation, Eindhoven


2024 - Frits magazine

Selected clients

Stories.space / Unveil.art / Leaseplan / Mollie / Bitvavo / Aladdin watterbottles / HC Oranje Rood


2021 -  Willem de Kooning Academie, Photography | Rotterdam

2017-2021  Sint Lucas, Photography | Eindhoven


2024 - Marleen Sleeuwits, Den Haag

2021 - Alexander Sporre, Amsterdam

2019 - Dreamer Studio BKK, Thailand

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